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Apr 27, 2023
 by Aurelie
Nation: France

I had a fantastic time studying Italian with Silvia. She provided exactly the balance I needed between exercises and conversation and made me feel more confident about speaking. I particularly enjoyed having a conversation partner who was interested and knowledgeable about so many topics, from daily life to science and philosophy. As a trilingual, I often got interference from my other languages in my learning process, but Silvia was always able to attract my attention to them. She was flexible in adapting to my schedule and we managed to meet very regularly without issue. Thank you for the experience!

Jan 16, 2023
 by Lisa
Nation: United States

Silvia is both enjoyable and effective. I have completed 10 weeks of lessons with her and plan to continue on. Working with Silvia allows you to have your desired balance of grammar and speaking. This is my first experience with one-on-one language classes and I would highly recommend working with Silvia to anyone. Lei è meravigliosa!

John Gullett
Apr 6, 2022
 by John Gullett
Nation: USA

As a covid project I wanted to refresh the little Italian I learned as a kid. Silvia is a wonderful conversational teacher and has a way of finding readings that fit my interests.
I just cannot say enough about her as a teacher and as a person. I feel so lucky to have found her and her school from among all the teachers offering italian lessons.
I was surprised as we reviewed how much more interesting the italian language was than I had appreciated. Now I don't see how I can ever stop, there is so much of interest once you get into it.

Apr 6, 2022
 by ZIAD

I started doing lessons with Giuseppe from more than a year ago and at this time I was a beginner but he has helped me tremendously due to his impeccable methods of teaching. Giuseppe always goes the extra mile and he tailors his lessons to suit my needs from focusing on all the essentials of learning a new such by dramatically improving my academic and formal language skills to teaching me the essential and usually underrated aspect of any language which is the day to day spoken Italian skills such as the use of idioms and proverbs which helped me immerse and integrate within the Italian society and culture.
Lessons with Giuseppe are always interesting due to the fact that Giuseppe never fails to provide his students with interesting materials and conversations with him are always interesting.

Aug 31, 2021
 by Aurimas
Nation: Lithuania

I started Italian classes in September 2020 having some basic knowledge. We started with an A2 level book and 9 months later I passed a B2 PLIDA certification for Italian as a foreign language ! 🙂
I couldn't be more happy about the course I took with my teacher, Giulia P.
Scheduling was really easy as she could adapt to my availability and move the classes in case of unplanned circumstances.
I could choose what the focus of the lessons was, which for me at the start was grammar and then towards the end transitioned more into conversation and writing to prepare for the certification exam.
Each topic was very well explained and given an appropriate amount of time for practice. Sometimes we also listened to Italian songs and spoke of Italian movies to further improve the comprehension and vocabulary.
Overall I highly recommend the Italian Virtual School to anyone who wants to further their knowledge in this beautiful language!

Jul 16, 2021
 by Tea
Nation: Georgian

I have started my lessons with Giuseppe in the beginning of the year and I am very happy about how I am being improving my Italian with Giuseppe’s help. His lessens are dynamic and fun, he always gives additional exercises based on what your needs or difficulties are. He recommends interesting reading materials as well. So if you are complete beginner or just want to upgrade your Italian Giuseppe is great choice for you!

John Gullett
May 24, 2021
 by John Gullett
Nation: USA Massachusetts

I was lucky to find the Italian Virtual School in August of 2020 and have enjoyed weekly lessons with Silvia since then. I am 77 years old now and was a Navy "brat" in Napoli as a kid where I learned rudiments of Italian. Wanting to do something useful during Covid Lockdown, I was lucky to find Silvia. We have worked our way through the book and done outside readings, listened to podcasts and watched Youtube, which have made homework and learning fun. Coincidentally learning about philosophy, history, culture made it even better. I cannot say enough about how much I respect my teacher and am grateful to her for my new and improving competence in Italian. I look forward now to being able to get along, read and converse in this wonderful language. I warmly recommend her school without reservation

Jackie Loo
May 19, 2021
 by Jackie Loo
Nation: Singapore

I have been taking lessons with Silvia since August 2020. I found her to be extremely patient and personable. I am glad that I not only found a good italian teacher but also a good friend. I strongly recommend Silvia and her virtual italian school without any hesitation. It’s been a rewarding 9 months.

Mazen E.
Mar 25, 2021
 by Mazen E.
Nation: Egypt

I started lessons with Giuseppe just 5-6 months ago. My fluency and speaking ability back then were not that good (I wasn't able to form a complete sentence correctly). However, due to the huge support I got from Guiseppe and his constant attention even to the small details, I was able to achieve a much higher level of fluency and confidence in a really short period of time.

Mar 6, 2021
 by Stefan
Nation: Austria

Daniela è una grande professoressa!
Le lezioni sono educativi e molto divertenti allo stesso tempo. Imparare Italiano era mai cosi piacevole! Credo che la combinatione di corsi online e compiti per casa sia una perfetta combinatione per apprendere la lingua.

John Vitti
Feb 28, 2021
 by John Vitti
Nation: USA

Daniela is a great teacher! There's a lot of fun in the class and retention is high. She really makes the class enjoyable. Thank you Daniela!

Catharina David
Feb 12, 2021
 by Catharina David
Nation: Belgio

Ciao! Mi chiamo Catharina, ho 55 anni e sono belga. La mia madrelingua è l’olandese. Negli anni precedenti ho già seguito diversi corsi d’italiano qui in Belgio.
Per non perdere ciò che ho imparato nel passato, ho deciso di iscrivermi alla scuola ‘Italian virtual school’.
All’inizio ho indicato quali erano le mie aspettative: praticare l’italiano ascoltando e parlando, ed esercitarmi sugli argomenti più complicati della grammatica.
Ogni lezione parlo con Silvia per quasi un’ora. Discutiamo del nostro lavoro, della nostra famiglia, di storia, della cucina italiana,… Pratichiamo l’italiano anche tramite lo studio di modi di dire e proverbi.
Per quanto riguarda la comprensione orale dell’italiano, mi manda link per ascoltare podcast su soggetti/argomenti diversi.
Così, anche in questi tempi difficili con il corona virus in cui non possiamo viaggiare, ogni 2 settimane mi sento un po’ in Italia.
Raccomando vivamente la scuola a tutti!

Jan 29, 2021
 by Alice
Nation: Australia

Italian Virtual School is home to truly outstanding educators. I was immediately impressed after my first lesson with Silvia and continued to be so with my ongoing lessons with Giuseppe. He conveyed a palpable passion for literature and I found his literary/cultural breadth inspiring - all combined with genuine warmth and affability; I felt I was not only improving my Italian, but also gaining a friend. I would certainly recommend this school which appears to place a high premium on the calibre of its teachers.

Jan 11, 2021
 by David
Nation: United States of America

I am writing another few after recently completing another series of lessons, this time with Daniela.

Once again, I can without a doubt recommend this program to anyone looking to learn Italian!

During these series of lessons I prepared for my University Italian language exam and generally improved my command of the language through open conversation and exercises with videos, texts, and exercises all made available by Daniela.

I found Daniela to be an excellent instructor and again was a joy to have class with! She was always well prepared for our lessons, an excellent conversationalist, and flexible with my other (sometimes last minute) obligations. Not only did she provide me with the necessary grammar but also helped in answering questions about phrases I heard while out and about. She provided an indispensable cultural insight and patiently equipped me with greater confidence in my speaking ability.

I am happy to have passed my University Italian exam and I often receive compliments of my language abilities considering the length of my studies - a testament not to myself but to the level of instruction I've received from this program!

Again, do not hesitate to select this program if you are hoping to learn or improve your Italian!

Dec 3, 2020
 by Nicole
Nation: France

I am extremely happy with the lessons given by Giuseppe.
He is truly a patient and attentive teacher. He has an outstanding culture and manage to communicate human warmth, even through Skype.
I plan on continuing my lessons with him.

And this is a real review, by a real student 🙂

Z . A
Oct 18, 2020
 by Z . A
Nation: EGYPT

When I look backwards and remember how i started learning Italian as a beginner and compare my fluency and linguistic abilities in the past to my current fluency and confidence while speaking Italian, I and without giving it a second thought attribute the credit to Giuseppe. Giuseppe is a dedicated teacher and a friend who doesn't spare efforts during lessons which makes lessons extremely productive. Lessons with Giuseppe are always interesting because he is a pretty well-rounded person and I never felt hesitant to ask any question I had during the lessons because he is always friendly and never expresses boredom no matter how many questions I ask or how many time I repeat the same questions. What really makes Giuseppe stand out is that he identifies my points of weakness and never neglects any detail no matter how small it might seem.
In conclusion, my lessons with Giuseppe didn't only introduce me to a great teacher but also a great friend.

Bitten Døjholt
Sep 23, 2020
 by Bitten Døjholt
Nation: Denmark

During my first run of 10 classes I am amazed have much italian, I have learned.
Silvia is extremely good at explaining context and meaning of the italian language. She slowly pushes her student to take in even more words. I like the conversations on Italian culture and the opportunity to listen to Italian while trying to speak.
I find the classes informal and cosy but at the same time there is a clear push and goal to ensure that we get through the curricilum. I will highly recommend Silvia Prosperi.

Sep 23, 2020
 by Nancy
Nation: United States

I am enjoying my Italian lessons with Giuseppe. I am a beginner and Giuseppe has been very patient with me. He is an excellent teacher for beginners. He takes the time to help you learn the sounds and engages you in meaningful conversations, so you can practice speaking your new language. I recommend the online live instruction with Giuseppe. I look forward to my lessons each week. The Italian Virtual School is an excellent option for learning Italian from a highly skilled teacher who will work with you to get you talking, reading, and writing in Italian. Thanks Giuseppe for keeping me motivated and excited about Italian!

Sep 12, 2020
 by Mamiko
Nation: The United Kingdom

I agree with everything the David says in the comment below! Our teacher Federica is passionate, kind, friendly, always encouraging and really knowledgeable of Italian grammar and very good at explaining it. I always looked forward to her lesson every week. I also found the comments she gave me on my writing assignments really helpful, and I could ask her questions in at the beginning of the following lessons if I have any doubt. This was very precious lesson for me. In addition, she also gave me lots of pieces of advice on how to keep on studying outside lessons, and now I am in the habit of listening to audiobooks and radios, which I am grateful for.

In every aspect, this online Italian course exceeds my expectations.

Sep 11, 2020
 by David
Nation: United States of America

I highly recommend this language program. From the onset of communication with Silvia and then on to my lessons, everything was handled in a very friendly and professional manner. They were able to accomodate my schedule (being 9 hours behind Italy time) and develop a study program based on my needs.

My instructor, Federica, was an absolute joy to be in class with. She made the lessons both engaging and informative. She possesses a strong command of the English language and can effectively express complex language concepts with ease and in multiple ways in order to ensure student comprehension. Not only does she teach the necessary grammar but also colloquial expressions that add to the experience of learning a new language. I looked forward to each and every class and always felt comfortable asking questions.

Take this course!

Joseph Pancotti
Aug 25, 2020
 by Joseph Pancotti
Nation: United States

I recently complete 10 lessons with Giuseppe. I was a great experience. By the end I felt like I had new friend as opposed to just an Italian language instructor. His style and use of the recommended text book were most helpful as were the written assignments he gave. I now have more confidence in my ability to have a basic conversation in Italian. Thanks, and I will be back soon.

Jun 16, 2020
 by Andreia
Nation: Romania

Ottima scelta per studiare la lingua italiana. Le informazioni trasmesse attraverso il corso aiutano a scoprire non soltanto la lingua italiana ma anche una piccola parte dall'enorme cultura e civiltà italiana. Non vorrei dimenticare di dire che Giuseppe è un professore squisito ed è stato un piacere studiare con lui.

Jun 11, 2020
 by Razan
Nation: Saudi Arabia

Taking my lessons with Giuseppe has been great. Not only were the lessons productive but they were also light and fun, which helps a great deal with learning. I’ve already seen an improvement in those two months and I feel encouraged to study and read more Italian. Giuseppe is also always willing to help in extra-curricular exercises that I bring up, and equally enthusiastic when I do well.

In the past, I’ve also studied with Silvia and Irene , and they were incredible. The main thing I like about the teaching methods in Italian Virtual School is their ability to help us remember the information we studied by practicing the information from different angles during the lesson. Very grateful.

Michael A Dejana
Apr 29, 2020
 by Michael A Dejana
Nation: United States of America

Over more than one year I have had the pleasure of speaking with Benedetta about once per week via What's App video conference for the purpose of Italian language learning and improvement. It has been and continues to be a highly informative and enjoyable experience speaking with Benedetta who is extremely professional, patient and with a pleasant demeanor that makes one look forward to the lesson. I would highly recommend Italian Virtual School to anyone looking to learn Italian or improve their Italian language skills.

Don Rood
Mar 27, 2020
 by Don Rood
Nation: United States

I love this online Italian class. I tried studying Italian on my own for two years with limited success. I knew I needed to have regular conversations with native speakers. I reached out to Virtual Italian School and found much more. After taking a placement test – I was very much the beginner – I began twice weekly Skype lessons with Silvia. The Italian classes are rigorous but fun. And, the conversational portions are the best part. Silvia was my first teacher until a schedule change got me set up with Giuseppe. They have both been awesome teachers. Last year I went to Siena and received my B2 certificate from an immersion school. It was satisfying being in a new school and having my skills on solid ground. Learning Italian online has deepened my appreciation and affection for all things Italian. Give it a shot!

Mar 24, 2020
 by Nikola
Nation: South Africa

My lessons with Giuseppe have been fantastic! Over the course of two years I have seen a dramatic increase in my command of the language, and soon I'll be attempting my B1 exam. I highly recommend Italian Virtual School 🙂

Julie de Labouchere
Jul 28, 2019
 by Julie de Labouchere
Nation: Switzerland

Over the past two years, I have certainly profited from a multitude of Skype lessons with Silvia. She is an exceptional professional, with a solid background in language studies and education.
I especially appreciate the ease and flexibility of these online courses. My professional and private life don't always coincide with a fixed regime, and Silvia has always remained extremely understanding. The Skype lessons provide us with a human "touch" that is often lacking, even in a traditional educational environment.
I would highly recommend The Italian Virtual school.

CLEMENT, France / Nederlands
Nov 3, 2018
 by CLEMENT, France / Nederlands

Benedetta and Giuseppe are interesting, passioned and funny teachers to learn from.
Very happy that I follow the italian and cinema lessons with them!


Oct 30, 2018
 by ALISON WILLIAMS, United Kingdom

Silvia is a creative, thoughtful, flexible and patient teacher. Despite having daily lessons over a 3 month period the lessons were always enjoyable and engaging. Silvia taught us more than just language, we learnt about Italian culture, food, cinema, music, politics and history. It was so exciting to be able to watch Italian classics in the original language and follow them because of how Silvia had taught us in class. I couldn't recommend her enough especially to first language English speakers.

Aug 23, 2018
 by SVETLANA Z., Russia

I'd like to say thanks very much Silvia for Italian lessons.I have lessons in Skype. I with glad to study new words and even began to speak a little) Silvia is a very good teacher and a friendly person. Mi piace tango studiare in questa scuola) grazie mille!!! Ciao. Svetlana. Russia.

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